The founder and leader of the Alive Chapel International, Bishop Dr Elisha Salifu Amoako has described the men of God as hypocrites for trying to tarnish the name of the late Prophet T.B. Joshua.

According to him, T.B. Joshua cannot be an agent of Satan as some men of God are saying after his death when he was winning souls for Jesus Christ as well as preaching in the same name throughout his lifetime.

Speaking to the media on Sunday, June 13, 2021, to officially express his condolences to the family of the late T.B. Joshua on behalf of the Prophetic and Apostolic Council as the Chairman, Dr Salifu Amoako noted that the late T.B. Joshua was a genuine prophet of God.

He stressed that the late T.B. Joshua operated in the anointing and the grace of God given to 10,000 men of God put together, making him appear to many as a mysterious person; thus, it is amazing to watch how far he has reached in the Ministry, looking at how he started.

“So if people manage to keep their God-given gifts and to help humanity. People are condemning him because they could not understand him. His grace and ministry were so amazing. He was a pure prophet and this how prophets operate. He has the anointing of prophet Elijah; he was operating from the spirit of Elijah and this is how major prophets operate. In the ministry of Elijah, he commanded fire from heaven and if it had happened today, people will say that he is not from God”, he noted.

He however chastised some of the men of God in Nigeria for abandoning the family of the late Prophet T.B. Joshua is this difficult moment after the latter has contributed so much for the country with his Ministry.

He wondered why some of the men of God are suddenly interested in knowing after his death where he came from, who led him to Christ and the person that mentored him in Christianity and rather refusing to acknowledge the power of Christ he operated with.

He, therefore, recollected a similar event where Jesus told his disciples not to stop someone who was using the name of Jesus Christ, once the person was not against Christ and His teachings.

“Jesus once told his disciples that you cannot stop someone using the name of Jesus Christ; once he is not against us, then he is with us. If TB Joshua has been preaching Christ, repentance and talking about Jesus Christ throughout his lifetime and leading people to Christ. So, which Satan’s incarnate will be talking about Jesus Christ throughout his lifetime and leading people to Christ? Which Satan will let his servant win souls for Christ when you are operating in the powers of Satan? We should not forget that Satan cannot cast out Satan”, he quizzed.

“Even if it is the devil, it is not easy to manage the devil. I have seen many pastors criticizing him saying that he is not from God but from the devil. What I want you to know my good friend men of God is that it is not easy to manage the devil. It is easy sometimes to manage God than to manage the devil. As for God, even when you offend him, God will forgive you but if you make a mistake to offend the devil, he will not forgive you”, he posited.

He bemoaned the fact that some people have found it a joy to condemn and criticize T.B. Joshua instead of consoling and sympathizing with the bereaved family; reminding the critiques that T.B. Joshua above his title and qualification as a Prophet of God was also a human being who was fallible.

By Maazi

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