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“Stop Polluting And Compromising Organized Labour Against Opposition” ~ Imo PDP to Uzodinma

…Imo PDP Will Remain Spokesman Of Imo People, Including Imo Workers And Pensioners

The attention of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Imo State has been drawn to a newspaper story in which the Organized Labour in Imo State, viz the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC), in which they declared that our Party is not their Spokesman, and as such should not drag them into partisan politics.

Our Party, therefore, urges the current regime of Governor Uzodinma to stop polluting and corrupting the Organized Labour in Imo State, by compelling them to join in its unnecessary war against opposition in the State. The leading opposition Party in the State is always a friend of the Organized Labour everywhere. We feel that struggling to conscript the leadership of NLC and TUC into the army of enemies of Imo State, which the current regime has steadily proved itself to be, would never be to the advantage of the regime. The relationship between Organized Opposition and Organized Labour in Imo State will continue to remain cordial, as Imo PDP is very cognizant of its roles in the State.

The Party notes that the grouse of the labour leaders that signed the statement is that PDP has been stating lately that the non-payment of salaries and pensions in the State combined with other negative factors of the regime to fuel the insecurity in the State. But when the Party referred to non-payment of salaries and pensions to Imo workers and pensioners, and never had compromisable and compromised Labour leaders in mind.

This Party sympathizes with Imo workers and pensioners in the State, which the governor with his aides and agents allegedly compelled their leadership in the State to helplessly attack the opposition, which happens to be their most trusted friend and associate.

This Party quite understands why the leadership of Organized Labour in Imo State would succumb to disclaiming the leading opposition Party in the State, which has steadily sided the workers and pensioners in their most trying times of normal agitations against the regime for non-payment their salaries and pensions. The entire drama fits into the ongoing war against opposition in the State by Governor Uzodinma.

Our Party is not unaware that the Organized Labour still has unsettled critical issues with the governor, as non-payment, underpayment, staggered payments, and non-commencement of the payment of the N30,000 minimum wage stand as the main bone of contention, as conveyed in the 14-Days Ultimatum the Organized Labour issued to the governor in late 2020.

Imo PDP knows that various cells of the Organized Labour have staged peaceful protests against the governor’s ruination of the civil service, principally by his refusal to pay them their due salaries for several months running. Such protests by Imo workers have always caught the attention, sympathy and response of this Party, warranting the interventions, by way of constructive criticisms to encourage Governor Uzodinma to pay the starving and protesting workers.

Our Party, therefore, feels that it is not in the true character of the Organized Labour to engage the opposition in the manner that was conveyed in the newspaper report, warning the opposition to stop defending Labour. It all smacks of a failed paid hatchet job to discredit the opposition for standing against Governor Uzodinma’s inhuman treatment upon Imo workers and pensioners since he was made governor in January 2020.

This Party recalls that one of the first major policy decisions of the PDP/Ihedioha RebuildImo administration was the restoration of 100% salaries and pensions for Imo workers and pensioners. It was not out of politics that the monumental decision was reached, but out of sympathy and empathy for the workers and pensioners in the State, who the previous APC regime had fractured their real being with the obnoxious 70% salaries and 40% pensions arrangement. Imo PDP feels proud to have been doing great service to Imo workers and pensioners.

Our Party, therefore, feels it is not the real Imo workers that it has sacrificed a lot to fight their causes, that went to the media to ask the opposition to hands off their interests. It must be their very politicized and compromised leadership, that was along the lines imposed by Governor Uzodinma on NLC and TUC. Of course, there has never been and will never be anytime or any reason for Imo PDP to serve as the Spokesman of the Labour in Imo State. We know the rules of engagement.

Rather, this Party very much recognizes the symbiotic relationship that should exist between the opposition and Labour in every clime and circumstances. Moreover, our Party has never pretended to be perturbed by the politics of the leadership of NLC and TUC. Imo PDP has only always aligned with the oppressed and suppressed workers that daily cry to the opposition, who Labour leaders in the State has always failed to secure and guarantee their salaries and pensions.

This Party has really never done more than urge the current regime to save the lives of the workers, the pensioners and their families, by paying them their due salaries and pensions as and when due. At no time has the Party expressed any other interest in the runnings of the organized Labour in the State. Hence, we feel the real workers and pensioners in Imo State will not deliberately disclaim the opposition, even for all the bribes that this regime in the State is ever willing to waste on its stooges in Labour.

Be that as it may, as the leading opposition in the State, let it be made very clear here that this Party will not withdraw or relent in its statutory roles, duties and responsibilities of playing the eyes, ears and voice of Imo people, who incidentally include comrade Imo workers and pensioners.


Ogubundu Nwadike,
State Publicity Secretary,
Imo PDP.
June 9, 2021.

By Maazi

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