That Imo State is now far more progressive in all aspects of governance is a gist all keen observers of the terrific speed of development in infrastructure, service provisions, accountability and transparency in Government businesses etc know for sure. Politics aside, the Shared Prosperity Government has kept faith with Imo people beyond all expectations and in all ramifications has continued to achieve results through its focus and sheer determination.

No one can deceive Imolites and the entire world with the orchestration and activation of insecurity narrative in the State, no matter how best he/ she tries. Everyone knows that the receding insecurity issues were the handiwork of the politically disgruntled. Imolites know that the idea behind the “insurrection” was to change the steady narrative of infrastructural development to something repugnant to deflate the good efforts of the State Government.

In a democracy, the business of Government is more like a collective responsibility and what Imo State has witnessed in the last one and half years, despite all the distractions and negative Opposition Politics, can best be described as unassailable and revolutionary.

Let’s return the true narrative now that the “Unknown Gunmen” have finished acting their scripts. Let the good news continue to flow. The credibility of the audacity of HOPE in Imo can not be doubted.

Before the orchestration of insecurity that hinged on the inexistent Fulani herdsmen invasion of our farmlands particularly in IMO State, many hitherto abandoned roads in the State Capital were being commissioned after reconstruction by the 3R Government. The 3R Government headed by an extraordinarily prepared, indefatigable and visionary Governor, H/E Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma had blown all cynics, critics and detractors away with credible performances they themselves can not deny.

The beams of the accomplishments were televised for not just global viewership but to state emphatically that the new Sheriff in Imo believes in good governance and service provisions. Many were fearstruck. Many lost their serenity and the result was rather the insurrection. Unfortunate.

I watched the erstwhile Secretary To Government of IMO State, Hon Barr Uche Onyeagocha on a popular national television trading in his usual wares of lies, hate speech and skewed narratives of the unfortunate man-made insecurity scares that pervaded not just Imo State but the South East and parts of South South regions of our Nigerian State. He was his vantage self: full of acrimony, hate and bile in celebrating the unfortunate gory eyesores visited on Imo State and which the State never deserved. Yes, Imo never deserved the mayhem because “Fulani herdsmen” have not been known or seen to be attacking Imo farmers and killing Imolites the way we read about other distant States. I saw in his vituperations the hunger for more insecurity, more bloodbath and more sorrow on his own State, if not for anything, to show his desires to have an ungovernable Imo because of the legitimate ouster of his party from Douglas House. Politics!

Here was the man who had fought openly before the glare of the same viewing public at the State Collation Centre in the 2019 Gubernatorial elections. Yes, it was the same Barr Uche Onyeagocha who tried to rob God by tearing the presented result sheets of the Governorship election. His fisticuffs with one Uche Nwosu’s agent at the Centre made the INEC unable to reconcile the finally presented results with what had been originally collated at the lower levels of the Local Government and Ward Collation centres. The torn result sheets would have had some trace of realism with the 388 booth results across the State that were illegally discounted.

To watch the same fighter still fighting two and half years on Television set after he tried, but failed, to obliterate the original results of the election that Prof Odunta awarded to PDP without statistical, arithmetic and constitutional correctness, I wondered why Barr Uche Onyeagocha is still this bitter.

Does it mean the man had wished that IMO would remain a Slave State? Does it mean that he gets hurt by the daily rainfall of infrastructural development in IMO State?
Has he plied the Orlu – Owerri Rd and Okigwe – Owerri Rd, both being expertly RECONSTRUCTED by Craneburg Construction Company with durability in view? About 46 roads have been reconstructed and some commissioned across the State for Imolites to enjoy Shared Prosperity. As an Owerri “original leader” he claims, why has he not seen reasons to join other teeming Owerri leaders to develop Imo State in alliance with the visionary Governorship of H/Excellency Gov Hope Uzodinma? Does he need a chartered Limousine Flight now to join other progressives to reconstruct, rehabilitate and recover Imo from the ruins of the last 8 to 9 years prior to the divine emergence of the 3R Government? Till when does he want to jettison his personal interests for the overriding public interest of all Imolites?

What every true leader in Imo State now needs is the maintenance of the rate of development in the State. Let peace continue to reign and perhaps, all that the implacable Political wailers like the lot of Barr Uche Onyeagocha and his party – the PDP ever wished, if any, to achieve would be achieved within the shortest time possible.

The dominant opinion for now is not to de-market IMO State. Doing that on a popular national Television is a declaration of one’s self as public enemy. That is not good enough to the political health of Barr Onyeagocha and his PDP ilks.


By Maazi

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