The General Overseer of Kal El Ministries, and host of the Saviour TV channel on YouTube, Prophet Saviour Kal El, in a recent video, have revealed to the leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, what will happen to the Biafra struggle, as well as other secessionist struggles in the country.

Prophet Saviour Kal El

Prophet Saviour Kal El, had in a video he posted on his YouTube channel on the 27th of May, warned about the departure of Apostle TB Joshua.

The 25 years old Abia State based prophet in the video, stated that Nnamdi Kanu was a servant of God, and a Moses to his people, but pointed out that Nigeria will not disintegrate.

According to Prophet Saviour Kal El, there would be resistance, from those who are responsible for the problems in the country.

He predicted a very violent resistance, but assured that the Nigerian people will overcome in the end.

Prophet Saviour stated that after the country have been reclaimed from those who have been causing the problem in the land, there would not be any need to leave the country, and a New Nigeria would be born. He also predicted the coming of a Nigerian President of Igbo extraction.

The cleric, despite his strange style of ministration, have been gaining a lot of followership, especially through his online TV channel, as many of the comments have confirmed that his prophesies were always accurate.

Recall that Apostle TB Joshua in one of his sermons concerning Nigeria, had almost mentioned the coming of a New Nigeria.

The sudden death of Apostle TB Joshua, barely weeks after Prophet Saviour’s video, has further confirmed his ability to hear from God, and speak for him.

Watch the videos of his prediction of Apostle TB Joshua’s Death, and message to Nnamdi Kanu below:

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