By Theodore Chinonso Uba aka Nonsonkwa


Am I safe ?
Yes I am safe for now!

Am I still on the side of Imo People?
Yes, Now and Forever!!!

Am I still angry at what the military and the IGP squad are still doing in Imo Today ?

Yes Very Angry!

Am I been framed up because I stand by Imo people?
Yes They are still framing me up!

Have I been penciled down for Elimination for Saying the Truth?
Yes but God is still God!

My only consolation is in Christ Jesus who has laid this burden upon me!

I weep in my soul as a human when I remember that at a time like this I can never move around freely like my mates..

I weep deep down my spirit that I can no longer make my Fans laugh as usual on radio just because I am fighting for my People!

It has not been easy with me for the past few days because of the pressure of DSS and other security agencies that has declared me an enemy of the state just because I stand for the masses…

To all my Fans and Friends…I am SAFE and SOUND but regrettably not reachable!

All we want is the End to indiscriminate arrest and unlawful detention of Imo Youths and Taking the soldiers off our streets!!!
And the investigation of extra Judicial killings of Imo Youths perpetrated by the military!

We Shall not Relent until Justice is served!

I remain Yours in the Struggle

Comrade Chinonso Uba Nonsonkwa

Coalition Against Human Rights Abuse in Imo!

By Maazi

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