By Ogu Bundu Nwadike, M.A

A report on a very serious murder in cold blood shouldn’t be politicized with propaganda and blackmail. And such reports should emanate from impeccable, reliable, authentic sources, not from the propaganda units of the highly controversial suspected establishments.

In real terms, the very sad murder of Alhaji Ahmed Gulak on Sunday, May 30, 2021 qualifies for a high profile felony, which requires official security reports by authentic sources, like the police.

That’s why when top appointees of the current failed Uzodimma regime in Imo State went on air and published widely online social media what seemed like a privileged report on the assassination of Gulak, many people, minus us, hastily applauded and commended the “Police”.

We didn’t give the report any attention, ab initio, because it wasn’t signed by the Police nor by anybody for that matter. It hadn’t any features of standard police report. It smelt heavily of a fake report!

As far we were concerned, the report was a propaganda script filled in between the lines with petty blackmail against the organized opposition in Imo State. Luckily, it failed on arrival!

In short, the report was a fake report. What bothered many, after the authentic report by Imo Police was published, was why top government appointees of the dishonest and insincere Uzodimma regime rejoicingly hurriedly went public with the fake report.

We feel that the misleading report that was published by Uzodimma’s sycophantic appointees requires the interest and attention of the Police, and qualifies for investigation as a step towards stemming the worsening incidences of misleading fake reports and news from official platforms in the State.

Since officials of anti-people Uzodimma regime confidently published the fake report on the killing of Ahmed Gulak, the Police should ask them for more information on the misleading report.

Uzodimma with his appointees should be made to answer the “who, what, where, when, why and how” questions about the fake report!

That becomes very necessary in the face of the publication by Imo Police of an authentic situation report on the shooting of Alhaji Ahmed Gulak.

The Police Report was from the Imo State Police Command was dated May 30, 2021 and entitled: “Murder of Ahmed Gulak by Armed Bandits”, and signed by the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) of Imo Police Command, Sp Bala Elkana, on behalf of the Commissioner of Police, Imo State Police Command, CP Abutu Yaro, fcd.

The text of the 3-paragraph report read thus:


30 MAY 2021


“On the 30/5/2021, at about 07:20hrs, armed bandits intercepted and attacked a Toyota Camry cab carrying Ahmed Gulak and two others who were on their way to Sam Mbakwe Airport to catch a flight.

“Ahmed Gulak left his room at Protea Hotel without informing the Police nor sister agencies in view of the fragile security situation in the South East and Imo in particular. He left without any security escorts and while the cab driver took irregular route to the airport, six armed bandits who rode in a Toyota Sienna intercepted, identified and shot at Ahmed Gulak at around Umueze Obiangwu in Ngor-Okpala Local Government Area close to the Airport.

“The Commissioner of Police Imo CP Abutu Yaro, fdc has directed a discreet investigation into the matter as Tactical and Special forces have been deployed to cordone the area and arrest perpetrators.

“Sp Bala Elkana
Police Public Relations Officer
For: Commisioner of Police ,Imo State Police Command.”

Unarguably, the report reproduced above reflects the global standard language of Police Reports. And information contained therein are verifiable.

It’s sharply in contradistinction with the fake report that was widely published, obviously to hurriedly mislead the unwary members of the public and most probably distort the narrative.

The 8-paragraph unprofessional fake report is reproduced below:

“Sir, Sitrep 30/5/2021: Arrest/Death of killers of Ahmed Gulak In Imo state.

“On 30/5/2021 Sequel to the killing of Ahmed Gulak by Some criminals who suddenly came out to block the Imo Airport road at Obiangwu Junction at Ngor~okpala LGA of Imo state.

“The Driver of the Vehicle conveying Ahmed Gulak to the Airport was immediately interviewed and he described the Vehicles the Hoodlums were using as One Toyota Camry 2005 Silver color, Toyota Sienna 1998 Model Gold Color, Toyota Hilux White color, Lexus RX 330 Gold Color.

“Police teams from the Special forces,PMF, IRT, IMO State Command Tactical Units who have all reached the Scene of the killing were directed to immediately Proceed on Patrol and look for those Vehicles.

“Fortunately at Afor Enyi Ogwgu junction in Same LGA the Police Teams came in contact with the Hoodlums with same Vehicles mentioned by the Driver, The Hoodlums have already confiscated a trailer loaded with Onions from the North and were busy sharing the onions to the local Population as they also took positions to Protect themselves and attack any incoming Security agents.

“The Hoodlums on sighting the Police teams immediately Opened fire on the teams and the Galant teams returned Fire and eventually fatally wounded 10 of the Hoodlums during the gun battle while others were pursued as they escaped with their vehicles. 3 of the Four Vehicles Toyota Sienna, Toyota Hilux and Toyota Camry use by the IPOB/ESN Terrorist for their Operation were Demobilized/Recovered and 7 of the Terrorist with bullet wounds were completely burnt down inside the Toyota Sienna and Hilux Vehicles that caught fire during the Gun battle.

“3 Ak47 Rifles, 1 English Pistol, 5 Ak47 Magazines, 92 Ak47 Ammunition, Several Charms and 3 Operational Vehicles of the IPOB/ESN were recovered.

“Serious efforts in progress to trace and arrest Several wounded IPOB/ESN Terrorist members who are hiding in the surrounding Forrest and villages. The 3 bodies of the IPOB/ESN Terrorist not burnt down were brought to the Police state Headquarters while efforts to recover the burnt bodies of the Hoodlums to the Police state HQ in Progress.

“Above for your information Sir”

Instructively, people and residents in the Afor Enyiogwogwu area have disclaimed the reports, stressing that there was no such incident in the area on Sunday, May 30, 2021.

Fortunately, the Police has intervened with their very convincing preliminary report. With the intervention by the Police, it’s believed that the actual cause and purpose of the assassination of Ahmed Gulak will be unearthed.

We would advise Uzodimma and his few remaining appointees to exercise restraint with reports on developments in the State. They must stop peddling falsehood, propaganda and blackmail with the aim of misleading Ndimo and members of the public. The world is watching!

Ndimo nakwa echekinuo!!

By God’s grace, Imo State must be rebuilt!!

By Maazi

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