By Ogu Bundu Nwadike, M.A

The history of the comment: “to make the country ungovernable” is a long one that’s almost as old as Nigeria’s independence.

But it became current with that APC leader’s threat in periods before the 2015 general elections that “Nigeria will be made ungovernable should APC lose the election”!

That threat with the accompanying threat of: “dogs and baboons soaking in blood” etcetera, combined to make the then PDP president to wisely concede defeat even before the end of the election, saying: “my remaining Nigeria’s president does not worth a drop of the blood any Nigerian”!

With the lingering insecurity in Imo State, Southeast Nigeria, the language of “making the State ungovernable” has become recurrent in the utterances of Senator Hope Uzodimma and his confirmed, and emergency supporters, that he regularly hires nowadays to whip up the beggarly sentiments of: “those making Imo ungovernable”!

Having observed the trend for a while and confirming it’s now a strong plank of thought, thinking and talking by a certain class of pseudo-leaders, we felt we must express our concern at such divisive mindset designed by Uzodimma against the State and the people!

Our findings presume that Uzodimma and all others dropping that line of thought aim to be seen as loving Imo State more and better than those they’ve extra-judicially marked as: “those making Imo ungovernable”!

But the incontrovertible truth is that just as their insinuations are too baseless and indeterminate, they can’t prove that they love Imo State and Imo people more and better than others that they cowardly and spinelessly point accusing hearts and tongues.

For us, it’s such an unpatriotic conspiracy and connivance for a supposed governor and his cryonics to insinuate that they have knowledge of political leaders that are sponsoring insecurity in the State and are making Imo ungovernable, and yet they speak in tongues about it.

Speaking with tongues in cheeks, without substantiating their weighty allegations and accusations indicates their reduction of their narrative into useless speculations and wasteful moonlighting.

For several weeks now, since Uzodimma invited military into Imo State to perpetrate show of force aerially and terrestrially, things fell apart in the State as far as safety, security, and peace are concerned!

For so long, Uzodimma has been assuring that he would publish names of people sponsoring terror-attacks in the State. Ndimo and the world have been waiting!

But it has now been discovered that Uzodimma doesn’t know what he’s talking about. In other words, he doesn’t have anybody to expose as brain behind the insecurity in the State. As Araraume revealed, Uzodimma talks too much and does too little!

Why Uzodimma would trivialize such very serious matter as insecurity, with petty speculations, intimidations, and threats is what he would explain at an appointed time.

Issues of safety and security are always very serious in all ramifications. Insecurity is never an object for propaganda and blackmail as Uzodimma has reduced them to.

We really wonder why top leaders, former Red Chamber lawmakers, global captains of industry, odogwu odogwu, men and women of timber and caterpillar, will just swallow hook, line, and sinker, Uzodimma’s Ben Johnson Way tales of: “those making Imo ungovernable” and run with it in their public statements! Why?

We thought before buying Uzodimma’s fake news of: “those making Imo ungovernable” an honest and sincere leader at any level should apprehensively, decorously, and circumspectly query the veracity and efficacy of such unfounded conclusions.

A true leader before adopting and using such sensitive lines of thought would intently ask: “who are those making Imo ungovernable”?

If Uzodimma failed to provide the list of those he said are making Imo ungovernable, then the true leader trashes it as mischievous, misleading “dem say” rants!

This short essay is our pro bono constructive criticism on the unnecessary diversionary heating up of the Imo polity by Uzodimma, who from day one has been struggling to create a state of confusion to distract Ndimo and divert their attention from his non-performance in office.

Let Ndimo, leaders and led, look beyond Uzodimma and his comedy of blames of others for his failure. The troubles in Imo State are deliberate creations of Uzodimma and his APC vampires! In due time, they’ll be effectively exposed, shamed and disgraced!

Therefore, instead of dabbling into their matter, Ndimo should insist that the ways of resolving the internal crisis of Imo APC leaders over who controls Imo APC and Imo State should be devised by Uzodimma, Rochas and other dishonest and insincere APC leaders! There lies the genesis and revelation of the insecurity in Imo and Uzodimma’s failure in office!

Ndimo are innocent of all baseless charges and blames flung at them by the anti-people Uzodimma. Let him, as a matter of urgency, order an end to insecurity in Imo State. The world is watching!

By God’s grace, Imo State must be rebuilt!!

By Maazi

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