By Ogu Bundu Nwadike, M.A

We’ve never seen or heard about condemning any citizen for keeping silent over any contentious matter.

At the Police Station, a complainant or even a suspect that’s writing a statement will be reminded by the Investigative Police Officer (IPO) that the complainant or suspect has a right to remain silent, as whatever he says may be used against him in Court.

In Court, with the support of extant laws, a defendant has a right to remain silent over any question. There’s an unwritten right to freedom of silence!

Why then does Uzodimma insist that Imo PDP and Ihedioha must talk or else suffer loss of lives and property? Why must they be recommended for arrest and trial for phantom allegations of spinsotiy terrorism?

Generally, it remains inconceivable and unacceptable that the cause of the failure of the unpopular, fraud and forgery, illegitimate Uzodimma regime is the opposition, as he wants the discerning world to believe!

Genesis of the imbroglios is that Uzodimma’s entry behaviour into Douglas House on January 15, 2021, was that of apprehension and resolve to resist the well organized opposition by all means and at all cost.

He concocted early the weird conclusion that the opposition is committedly interested in his illegitimate occupation of Douglas House. How wrong he was! Opposition is only interested in the delivery of good leadership and good governance to Imo people!

That’s why it has become very necessary for the world to know that the organized opposition in Imo State needs protection from Uzodimma’s angst and anger, which make him weave tissues and fibres of lies, falsehood, propaganda, and blackmail against the opposition, struggling to bring opposition to hurt and harm.

Preposterously, it has been discovered that Uzodimma was obviously oblivious to the fact that every occupation of Douglas House goes with criticisms by opposition, both constructive and destructive!

Incidentally, Uzodimma has treated as antagonisms, all opposition, including the pro bono constructive criticisms that has so far characterized the organized opposition in Imo State.

As the English say: “A bad workman quarrels with his tools”! In modern, civilized climes, criticisms by the opposition are tools for the good leader to successfully work with and not quarrel with.

Sadly and unfortunately, Uzodimma quarrels with the opposition; because of constructive criticisms, the very tools he requires to develop the State. Logically, therefore, Uzodimma is a bad leader!

We remain resolute in our submission that the opposition has no hands whatsoever in Uzodimma’s failure to cluelessness, ineptitude, and incomeptence. And we so argue with a plethora of reasons.

First, opposition has never protested against any plans by Uzodimma to pay Imo workers and pensioners. We only urge him to pay salaries and pensions for the overall good of Ndimo, including himself and set himself free from living in bondage of destructive criticisms!

Second, opposition has never criticized Uzodimma for deciding to pay Imo contractors for the contracts that they completed and were issued certificates of completion by relevant authorities. We only encourage him to pay!

Third, opposition didn’t force Uzodimma to chase contractors away from 25 major roads across Imo State and never replaced them, abandoning work the roads. We only asked him to replace the contractors since he apparently didn’t like them!

Fourth, opposition never blamed Uzodimma for awarding contracts for the construction of Orlu-Owerri Road and Okigwe-Owerri Road. We only asked him to see it to completion without abandoning it midway as appears to be the case now!

Fifth, opposition didn’t know when Uzodimma sneaked into Aso Rock to invite military into the State, with the order of bombarding parts of the State aerially and terrestrially, destroying lives and property. We only expressed dismay at such action!

Sixth, opposition never prevented Uzodimma from acting on the intelligence report and alert from DSS that was confirmed to have reached Uzodimma 72 hours before terror-attacks hit the Command Headquarters of the Police and Prisons in Owerri on April 5, 2021. We only asked why didn’t he act on the DSS Intel alert.

Seventh, opposition has never criticized Uzodimma for his unverified claims to have arrested hundreds of culprits that are responsible for the attacks in the State. We only asked for evidence of the arrested, and asked why does Uzodimma still blame opposition after arresting the criminals!

We may go on and on reeling out the litanies of ways the opposition has remained very much exonerated from Uzodimma’s unsuccessful activities so far in his embattled regime. But we allow the foregoing to suffice!

That’s evinced in the resolve by the opposition to remain silent and watch Uzodimma drive the ship of state in whichever way he deems fit, though with occasional constructive criticisms of his excesses by the opposition.

Surprisingly, Uzodimma has insistently and persistently interpreted the silence by the organized opposition in the State as a evllp treasonable felony that he suddenly now equates with terrorism and sponsorship of terrorism!

To Uzodimma, Imo PDP and His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, CON must say something, anything, about the terror-attacks in Imo State or they’ll be arrested and paraded for sponsoring terrorism, as Uzodimma has lately been suggesting and planning!

Uzodimma is, therefore, in the dilemma of inability to manage the criticisms and silence of Imo PDP and its leaders. It’s a terrible case of Uzodimma adjudging the opposition guilty for speaking out, and also guilty for keeping silent!

The only times Uzodimma attempted to hold Imo PDP on hostage and under siege included when he unwisely, and unethically retrieved the two vehicles the Government of Imo State donated to the Party.

Next was when Uzodimma accused one Ambrose Nwaogwugwu of inciting cyber terrorism, by writing online the social media that Uzodimma had renamed Imo State University (IMSU) into Mallam Abba Kyari University (MAKU), that Uzodimma imported some Chinese medics to privately treat top appointees if his regime that tests positive for Covid-19, and issues pertaining to Uzodimma and his wives and concubines, etcetera.

Uzodimma later ordered the arrest, detention, arraignment, trial, and remanding in Prison of the said Ambrose Nwaogwugwu like a common criminal, for acts of terrorism; albeit cyber terrorism!

Uzodimma also missed target when he hit Imo PDP with the mischievous attacks on the party’s seven and half months tenure, with false allegations of misappropriation of N16.9 billion. That media trial also failed and died on arrival!

Uzodimma has made several efforts to tarnish the good name and image of Imo PDP. His biggest weapons have been unfounded, baseless lies, falsehood, propaganda and blackmail, which he raises and never pursues to a logical conclusion!

Fortunately, Imo PDP is standing straight, with a very clean cupboard, without skeletons or blemishes. Hence, all evil and wickedness fashioned against by Uzodimma have never prospered.

It’s on that backdrop that it has become germane to implore Ndimo, Nigerians, and the world to call Uzodimma to order and urge him to start delivering good leadership and good governance to Imo people, and stop his fruitless incitement and fuelling of hatred and malice upon the organized opposition in Imo State.

In fact, Uzodimma should leave opposition alone. Opposition is not, was not, and will never be the cause of the failure of the unpopular Uzodimma regime. The world is listening and watching!

By God’s grace, Imo State must be rebuilt!!

By Maazi

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