By Ogu Bundu Nwadike, M.A

Reasoning and thinking share synonyms. Both are related functions of the brain; particularly the cerebrum. Everything good happens because of good reasoning and thinking.

Failure of many strong people is sponsored by poor reasoning and thinking capacity. There are strong people who carry weak brains in their heads.

Take what’s happening in Imo State in terms of dare-devil insecurity, for example. Senator Hope Uzodimma has been variously and severally described as a “strong man”.

But that sobriquet of “strong man” is contradicted by his non-performance in office, which pundits argue is a product of his low reasoning and thinking capacity.

Generally, “strong” people are deem to be bundles of brawly brutishness, lacking in well reasoned and well thought out acts, actions, and activities of the brain.

Even the Omniscient God Almighty extolled the usefulness of good reasoning and thinking, when through Prophet Isaiah He invited people to come and reason with him. He said: “Come, let us reason together”!

In his ongoing ruin of Imo State, who did “strong” Uzodimma reason and think with? It’s not likely that “strong” Uzodimma reasoned with anybody to disorganize the State thus far.

What’s strong about Uzodimma’s self-confessed rush to Aso Rock to beg and get military to invade Imo State and bombard Orlu area of the State?

What’s strong about Uzodimma’s running away to Abuja, abandoning Ndimo to their fate, when terrorists held Imo State hostage under a siege?

What’s strong about Uzodimma’s non-payment of salaries and pensions to Imo workers and pensioners, with all the lies, falsehood, propaganda, and blackmail to drive his failures?

What’s strong about Uzodimma’s non-payment of Imo contractors whose work were duly monitored, and certified well done and completed by UBEC and IMSUBEB?

What’s strong about Uzodimma’s chasing away contractors who were working on 25 major roads across Imo State simultaneously as at the day the Supreme Court made him governor?

What’s strong about Uzodimma’s glorification of lies, falsehood, propaganda and blackmail against Imo people and their reputed leaders?

What’s strong about Uzodimma not having any answers to questions about food shortages and high prices of food stuffs, goods and services in Imo State?

What’s the strength in refusing to provide basic social amenities for the common masses who you rather subject to a life of slaves under your subjugation?

There are actually many simple things that Uzodimma has proved incapable of doing. And it’s those simple things that have exposed Uzodimma’s big biceps but weak cerebrum.

There’s no strength in opening and engaging in different warfronts against the same people you’re supposed to be leading as a leader.

There’s no strength in being a local champion in an unevenly paired match between the master and his servant, a leader and the people he’s leading.

Let those that boast on Uzodimma’s strength, deceiving him and saying he’s a strong man, know that they’re goading him wrongly, and misleading him into perdition.

The only test of strength for Uzodimma to pass and be regarded as a strong man is the test of his ability and capability to provide good leadership and good governance to Imo people.

And that test is set by the system, with international standards and best practices, but marked, assessed and evaluated by the people.

The system of Uzodimma setting performance tests for himself, marking it with his sycophantic hypnotized aides and agents, and awarding himself high scores is characteristically fraudulent.

Uzodimma must allow Imo people to assess him regularly along the lines. If Ndimo say Uzodimma is strong then he’s strong, but where, like in his subsisting poor scorecard, Ndimo say Uzodimma is weak, so it is.

For us in the organized opposition in Imo State, with the advantage of assessment capacity as an experienced, successful administration, that assesses Uzodimma daily, from our charts, we see and report that he has failed woefully, and as a result he’s logically weak and not strong. QED!

By God’s grace, Imo State must be rebuilt!!

By Maazi

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