In the history of Imo State, there have been only three one term governors. Some may argue that Mbakwe was also a one term governor, but it is on record that he won his reelection, and was removed by the General Muhammadu Buhari coup in 1983.

Chief Evan Enwerem did not finish his term in office, following the removal of Chief Alex Shonekan, by General Sani Abacha, making his the first one term governor.

His removal wasn’t by his making, or because of his failure to lead his people well.

Enwerem’s former Commissioner, Dr Ikedi Ohakim, would be the next one term governor of Imo State.

In his case, many blamed his inability to manage the many blackmail, and propaganda that were deployed by his detractors, against him, including the false accusation of flogging a Catholic priest, an allegation which Rev Father Ejike Mbaka, who had released a song about it, would later apologize to Ohakim for.

Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, may be considered a one term governor for now, even though there are chances for him to be returned as Imo governor, even before the 2023 General Elections.

Senator Hope Uzodinma on the other hand, seems to be priming himself to become a one term governor, with the current situation in the state.

Many considered Uzodinma’s admittance, of inviting the military to Orlu, as a self inflicted political suicide on his part, as Orlu is believed to he his political stronghold, and such occurence, could turn Orlu people against him at the next election.

The recent killing of an Eastern Security Network ESN commander, Ikonso, who is also Uzodinma’s kinsman as they are from the same Local government, and the attack on his country home by unknown gunmen, may have pitted the people from his political stronghold, against him, further diminishing his chances of winning the 2023 General Elections, without his usual help from the Supreme Court.

Uzodinma is currently holed up in Abuja, while the trouble, which he is accused of creating, rages on in Imo State.

His absence from his duty post, have earned him even more criticism from the people of Imo State, which some quarters, already agitating to stage a protest to force him back to the state.

With 2023 not very far away, political pundits are not sure, Uzodinma would be able to make Imo people forget what has happened in the state this year, and the lives that have been lost, following his decision to invite the military to the state, to handle a matter many believed, would have been handled with diplomacy.

By Maazi

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