— “Where is the COURT ORDER”?

On the video clip, Sen. Rochas Okorocha was caught querying the power of the state government in sealing his illegally acquired state government property.

In his own words, “How can the governor seal someone’s property WITHOUT COURT ORDER”? Okorocha was loudly seen on the video, in his usual demagoguery best, querying the powers of the governor.

As amusing as it seems to be, one wonders how an Okorocha of all people could now be the one now wanting, and trying to respect a court order? Wonders shall never end!

Here was a man who reigned as a maximum Emperor who was above every known legal and lawful approach to governance, infact, the then Governor Rochas Okorocha on national media broadcasted to anyone that cares to listen that he is no respecta of anything due process and lawful.

But same man is now making a case for COURT ORDER!

There was a subsisting COURT ORDER in favor of Ekeonuwa market traders against demolition of the market but the then Emperor in his usual thuggish best forced himself into the market, demolished it which eventually cut short the life of an only little son – Somto.

I also remind myself of the COURT ORDER which barred the then Governor Rochas Okorocha from demolishing the property of Chief Emmanuel Iheanacho, The then Emperor being true to him still went ahead to demolish the property.

Again, Nwaogwugwu is reminded of the properties of the Odor Brothers at Nworie riverside by Nekede road; they also got a COURR ORDER against the demolition of their houses but Okorocha being who he is went ahead pulling down over Five different buildings down, only because Chief Emma Odor who was Owerri Municipal executive Chairman was alleged to have denied Okorocha the use of Dan Anyiam stadium for campaign rallies and when Okorocha eventually won, the houses (about six different buildings of two – three storeys) belonging to Chief Emma Odor and his two other brothers were summarily pulled down by Okorocha – that was the very first project Okorocha did in 2011…..and yet, this uninformed hypocrite still have the guts to tell Imo people about COURT ORDER.

But the Emperor thought everybody is as lawless as he was, that was why he was emphatically demanding for a COURT ORDER, aibeilt ignorantly.

Gov. Hope Uzodimma, unknown to Okorocha, is a meticulous and thorough-going parliamentarian who is well versed in issues around the our laws.

Unbeknownst to Okorocha, an official gazette of the state government emanating from a judicial panel of enquiry and adopted gazetting same is as good as his COURT ORDER.

Does it mean he has no sound legal Aide as an adviser? What about the Professor of Law who sings his praises (HERO the Hero) in every Whatsapp platform, could Prof. Obiaraeri not have advised him properly on matters of the law that he came out publicly before the whole world to embarrass himself and family by repeatedly demanding for COURT ORDER whereas the state government have repeatedly let known to all and sundry that it derived its power to seal the property via a white paper of the state government emanating from a judicial panel of enquiry on lands and other related matters.

There is an Imo state Law on Judicial Panels of Enquires enacted by the state house of Assembly and signed by the executive governor. Governor Hope Uzodimma did not sign that bill into law.

The law empowers the State Executive Council to deliberate on Reports from judicial panels of enquires and upon adoption and Gazetting, it automatically becomes a Supplemental legislation which has a force of law to be executed and implemented by Government.

This Governor Uzodinma’s 3R administration did not make the law.

Perhaps, Okorocha did not have the knowledge that such a law existed in a state he governed for eight unbroken years because he is averse to anything due process and lawful. He is not to be blamed………and that was why he was ignorantly shouting on top of his voices ‘WHERE IS THE COURT ORDER’, I forgive his ignorance but it should be noted to him that ignorant of the law is never an excuse.

Ambrose Nwaogwugwu.
February 23, 2021.

By Maazi

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